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See Our Euro 6 exhaust Remanufacturing at Road Transport Expo 2024

Visit our stand at the Road Transport Expo to find out all you need to know about Euro 6 exhaust Remanufacturing

Blocked Volvo B5H exhaust

For many of our customers facing a blocked or failed Volvo B5H Exhaust, part number 23037743 there are 3 options to fix a blocked or failed exhaust system. Cleaning, refurbishment with new catalyst or a new approved system.

Stage V Retrofit Systems for off-road machinery

Stage V emissions are now a requirement at many large construction sites across the UK, especially within Low Emision and Clean Air Zones. Excalibre are partnered with Proventia Oy to supply and install retrofit ...

Driving Cleaner Emissions

Change is always as good as the rest - and as you can see, the team here at Excalibre Technologies agree! After 15 years of providing emission-control solutions across the UK, we’re thrilled to reveal a new look ...

  • bus dpf cleaning

The Benefits of Bus, Coach and Truck DPF Cleaning

As you probably know, practically all vans, buses, coaches, lorries and commercial vehicles on our roads are diesel-powered. Diesel is simply the fuel of choice for professional users due to the longevity of engines ...

  • Clean Air Zones Launching Next Year

Clean Air Zones Launching Next Year – Is Your Fleet Prepared?

The phrase “Think Globally – Act Locally” was introduced decades ago as a way to comprehend how local actions can have global benefits in preserving the environment and fighting pollution. In a massive and well-organised effort of cleaning the air [...]

  • drive cleaner - DPF cleaning pin test

Drive Cleaner – Why it Matters

Why bother to clean your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)? Well, it matters for 3 crucial reasons: 1. Driving legally Firstly, to drive legally your vehicle must meet certain limits on emissions. These are tested on an MOT, but also in [...]

  • HGV DPF Cleaning

How can HGVs prepare for UK low emission zones

Now, more than ever, it is vital to ensure your diesel vehicle complies with emission levels and avoids costly fines. London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is expanding this year along with new Low Emission Zones (LEZ) or Clean Air [...]

  • Excalibre Header

Why use a retrofit solution to maintain your fleet in 2021?

Organisations running heavy-duty automobiles (HDVs) are met with larger issues when it comes to the current Clean Air Zones and the Ultra-Low Emission Zone; specifically the requirement to pay a substantial daily amount for non-compliance. Retrofitting these automobiles can make [...]

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