7 Step DPF Cleaning Process

Excalibre have invested in high technology DPF cleaning and test equipment for diesel vehicles. We adhere to the same standards as all the major engine OEMs, including the use of the FSX cleaning centre, the cleaning process, testing, and reporting.


Goods inwards – unique ID number added


Initial flow test and visual inspection


Pin test – checks for exothermed cells


Breached cell test – detects exhaust bypass


FSX Pneumtatic cleaning – removes all soot and ash


Flow test – ensures baseline conditions met

Optional thermal treatment – to assist removal of compacted ash


Inspection reports completed and unit despatched

FSX Cleaning System

The FSX cleaning system is state of the art and is used by the majority of engine OEM’s including Cummins, Volvo and DAF.

Importantly, as well as effectively cleaning the DPF the process also evaluates the condition and suitability for re-use and emissions compliance. Excalibre have an extensive database of baseline flow reading for the full range of DPF’s. After the cleaning process each DPF’s flow characteristics are checked against the database to ensure the flow is retuned to baseline. Where the parameters are not met the process is repeated together with an optional thermal process.


• OE standard process
• Pneumatic cleaning, thermal process only performed when required to prolong DPF life.
• Detection of breached cells
• Non-invasive dry process
• All waste products safely collected and disposed of.
• Full reporting and results database.

Arrange a DPF Clean

Please contact us with your vehicle details to arrange collection of your DPF’s – 01594 887414 or email sales@excalibretech.com
We will then arrange collection by courier. Typical turnaround time is 2 days and shipping is again via courier.

Excalibre specialise in emissions control and commercial vehicle exhausts. We provide a wide range of services and products; including DPF cleaning, remanufactured Euro 6 systems, retrofit SCR systems for Clean Air Zones, and aftermarket sensors & parts.