NOxBuster Retrofit Exhaust Systems

a NOxBuster retrofit system

• Reliable, proven technology backed by a nationwide installation and support network.
• EST & CVRAS approved for NRMM, bus, truck and coach applications.
• Works effectively across all operating conditions
• Over 4,000 installations worldwide.
• High NOx reduction rates, even at low exhaust temperatures (below 200°C).
• Proven results in PEMS tests from an independent test laboratory
• Low surface temperature, no risk to other sensitive engine parts
• Direct fit designs available.
• Professional installation and maintenance
• Proven results over the Millbrook MLTB, LowCVP UK Bus (LUB), Coach (LUC), HGV, and RCV Cycle
• Advanced insulation technology maintains heat inside the system and improves SCR operation

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Excalibre specialise in emissions control and commercial vehicle exhausts. We provide a wide range of services and products; including DPF cleaning, remanufactured Euro 6 systems, retrofit SCR systems for Clean Air Zones, and aftermarket sensors & parts.