NOx Sensor Program

The Excalibre program offers a broad range of directly interchangeable NOx sensors. This provides a cost-effective alternative to OE parts. The range also includes aftermarket alternatives for the common retrofit systems. 

All NOx sensors come with a 12 month warranty. Please contact us for other OE part numbers.

ETL Part No. OE Part No. Continental Application
ENX001 4326862 5WK96751C Cummins E200/E400
ENX002 4326864 5WK96750C Cummins E200/E400
ENX100 699 5WK96714B Proventia
ENX072 22827992 5WK97373 Volvo B9TL/B5LH/B7RLE
ENX071 22827993 or 22219283 5WK96717B Volvo B9TL/B5LH/B7RLE
ENX075 22827995 5WK97372 Volvo B5LH Renault
ENX051 A0101531528 5WK97330A Mercedes
ENX052 A0101531628 5WK97331A Mercedes

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