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David Hickey
August 2023  •  5 min read

Solutions for blocked Volvo B5H exhaust

For many of our customers facing a blocked or failed Volvo B5H Exhaust, part number 23037743 there are 3 options to fix a blocked or failed exhaust system.

  1. Cleaning
  2. Refurbishment with new catalyst
  3. New approved system

Often, OE support will recommend the simplest and most expensive solution of replacing the entire unit for new. In some cases cleaning, being the cheapest and quickest option, only clears any build up and won’t be applicable to any but the least severe issues. It won’t repair collapsed structure or remineralise your burnt out catalyst.

Refurbishment of a Euro 6 system is a thorough and cost-effective alternative to a completely failed system at our dedicated workshops. Efficiency can reduce over time resulting in blocked DPF’s, MIL lights on your dash, potential engine de-rate. Once the catalyst material has been removed, or the structure collapsed, cracked or exothermed, there is no way to make the internal workings of the exhaust so refurbishment is your only option.

At Excalibre Technologies we can review and support you all the way through the process to ensure you get your vehicle back to an operational standard in a way that best suits your operation.

Blocked Volvo B5H
Blocked Volvo B5H Exhaust System, Refurbished

Driving Cleaner Emissions – Today and Tomorrow

Excalibre’s new logo and visual branding approach is only the beginning. We’re proud to continue partnering with the exceptional engineers at Proventia, for example. Proventia’s unique UK licensed emission-reduction retrofits align perfectly with our values and commitments to our customers. We’re excited about what the coming years ahead hold for our customers – and we know Proventia feels the same way!

Just because our visual branding has changed doesn’t mean Excalibre is relaxing its focus. As we move further into 2022, we’re continuing to innovate behind the scenes. We’re looking forward to sharing future news with you soon. This is just the beginning.

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