Managed service program

Excalibre offer a managed service program whereby stock DPF’s are held on our sites ready for despatch to customers at the same time as collecting their DPF for cleaning.

We can also supply float DPF’s to be held at a customer site as part of an annual cleaning contract.

DPF Repair

Occasionally DPF’s can become loose within the housing or canning.

Excalibre are able to accurately reposition the DPF substrate and fit retaining rings to eliminate further movement.

Arrange a DPF Clean

Please contact us with your vehicle details to arrange collection of your DPF’s – 01594 887414 or email
We will then arrange collection by courier. Typical turnaround time is 2 days and shipping is again via courier.

Excalibre specialise in emissions control and commercial vehicle exhausts. We provide a wide range of services and products; including DPF cleaning, remanufactured Euro 6 systems, retrofit SCR systems for Clean Air Zones, and aftermarket sensors & parts.