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David Hickey
August 2023  •  5 min read

Driving cleaner emissions

Change is always as good as the rest – and as you can see, the team here at Excalibre Technologies agree! After 15 years of providing emission-control solutions across the UK, we’re thrilled to reveal a new look. New year, new us – and that means a fresh logo, as well as a brand positioning statement – Driving Cleaner Emissions.

But what does this mean for our brand for the years ahead?

Why Have We Rebranded? Excalibre’s commitment to commercial vehicle emission control is only strengthening. UK roads are set to get cleaner with government promises to remove fuel-burning vehicles from sale by decade’s end. Thus, we must continue to innovate in helping to reduce current fuel engine emissions – a monumental task we’re passionate about!

Therefore, our new branding arrives hand in hand with our mission statements. We’ve redesigned our visual marketing to be cleaner and fresher in line with the work we perform. It’s been an incredible 15 years – and with green values evolving, so must we.

We want to assure our customers that our service standards and values remains core to all we do. Our rebranding reflects our openness to finding bespoke solutions to carbon emissions – and assisting our valued clients.

Exciting Changes Ahead

Changing our logo and visual identity isn’t simply a case of ‘redoing’ our artwork. It’s symbolic for our next step in the journey to come. As mentioned, the New 20s are set to be highly important for reducing carbon emissions.

That’s why we wanted to refresh our branding and approach to ensure we’re on target with all our customers. It’s also indicative, we feel, of our willingness to adapt and pivot in an ever-changing world. While some argue there is ‘little’ we can do to reduce impacts on climate change, our team begs to differ.

Our rebranding resonates deeply with our mission to provide the best-quality emission solutions to commercial vehicles across the UK. It’s a mission we’ve never relaxed upon. However, it’s crucial to keep a refreshing focus and take stock of an evolving industry. It’s been a complex few years for businesses and for people. However, now’s the time to bring our planet and the UK’s roads back into focus.

Driving Cleaner Emissions – Today and Tomorrow

Excalibre’s new logo and visual branding approach is only the beginning. We’re proud to continue partnering with the exceptional engineers at Proventia, for example. Proventia’s unique UK licensed emission-reduction retrofits align perfectly with our values and commitments to our customers. We’re excited about what the coming years ahead hold for our customers – and we know Proventia feels the same way!

Just because our visual branding has changed doesn’t mean Excalibre is relaxing its focus. As we move further into 2022, we’re continuing to innovate behind the scenes. We’re looking forward to sharing future news with you soon. This is just the beginning.

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