Blocked Volvo B5H exhaust


For many of our customers facing a blocked or failed Volvo B5H Exhaust, part number 23037743 there are 3 options to fix a blocked or failed exhaust system. Cleaning, refurbishment with new catalyst or a new approved system.

Blocked Volvo B5H exhaust2024-03-22T12:30:14+00:00
  • EURO VI Retrofit Install

VIDEO: Euro VI Retrofit Installation


Check out our work on the latest London bus retrofit installation. Fitted with the Proventia NOxBUSTER® City, it's the perfect solution for ULEZ and CAZ compliance, enabling Euro 3, 4 or 5 buses (and trucks) to meet Euro 6 standards.   Key benefits of the NOxBUSTER® Cityretrofit system High [...]

VIDEO: Euro VI Retrofit Installation2023-12-12T08:41:56+00:00
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