Check out our work on the latest London bus retrofit installation. Fitted with the Proventia NOxBUSTER® City, it’s the perfect solution for ULEZ and CAZ compliance, enabling Euro 3, 4 or 5 buses (and trucks) to meet Euro 6 standards.


Key benefits of the NOxBUSTER® Cityretrofit system

  • High NOx reduction rates even at low exhaust temperatures (below 200°C)
  • Proven results over the Millbrook MLTB, LowCVP UK Bus (LUB), Coach (LUC), HGV and RCV Cycle
  • Proven results in PEMS tests from an independent test laboratory
  • Proven results of real city driving conditions from an independent test laboratory (WHVC cycle)
  • Proven results of real city driving conditions from independent testing laboratories
  • Operates with standard AdBlue®, no additional infrastructure required
  • Optimised urea mixing technology enable urea injection at low temperatures – no deposits
  • Advanced insulation technology maintains heat inside the system and improves SCR operation
  • Low surface temperature, no risk to other sensitive engine parts
  • Easy installation and maintenance, similar to existing AdBlue systems
  • Continuous NOx emissions and performance monitoring with a web-based Proventia PROCARE™ Drive