Demonstrating retrofit solutions at NEC exhibition

The dust has settled on the 2019 Coach and Bus show and everyone has returned to the hustle bustle of their day to day lives. The show marked the first year that Excalibre Technologies attended as exhibitors instead of visitors and it proved to be fruitful.

We had a lot of visitors to the stand, both new faces and regular contacts, all of whom were eager to talk about the NOxBuster system and DPF Cleaning that we have on offer” said John Kettle, Sales Manager for Excalibre Technologies. Luckily for Excalibre they were not alone at the exhibition, being joined on the stand by their long term retrofit emission control partner Proventia Oy who provided the display systems, brochures and tasty Finnish chocolates!

The NOxBuster City system

Excalibre coach and bus show

Demonstrations of the NOxBuster system – a retrofit solution for CAZ and ULEZ

Of course, the demo systems stole the show with the main focus being on the recently developed Mercedes Econic and Atego compatible NOxBuster City system. While the system isn’t strictly for Buses or Coaches that didn’t stop many operators, purchasers, the odd member of the DVSA and some general engineering fans stopping to appreciate the technology on show. The system is the first of its kind for the HGV market and under laboratory conditions can reduce NOx emissions by up to 96%.

The second and much larger demonstration system (pictured right) allowed spectators to see how the Proventia ProCare system works in line with their NOxBuster system. The display incorporated a mocked up NOxBuster system with a touch screen display attached to the stand which cycled through the data gathered from previous journeys. Although the data was generated as a demo simulation it gave potential customers a chance to get to grips with a seemingly intangible yet highly important part of the retrofit process, datalogging and management.

The Coach and Bus show ran for two days and serves as a key date in the diary for many in the industry.

Final comment

But how did John feel Excalibre fared at its first exhibition? “The show has been a real success for us, having visited on a number of occasions in the past we knew the scale of the event and felt that this year was the right time to dip our toe in the water. There’s been a lot of work behind the scenes and it looks like it has really paid off for us with both the quote requests and the new contacts that have got in touch with us.


Coach and bus show video


About Excalibre Technologies

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We work with several national organisations to help achieve their ecological targets of lowering emissions and ensuring their vehicles are maintained to a high standard using internationally recognised practises and equipment supported by OEMs. We can also supply most aftermarket silencers and catalytic converters.

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