Excalibre Technologies are please to announce we now offer high quality Euro VI clamp and gasket kits to ensure your DPF’s fit precisely and securely to ensure optimal performance. All clamps and gaskets are made to the highest standard with high grade steel and precision welding to ensure they are long lasting.

We offer the following range of clamps and gaskets with other available on request.

ADLFIX01 clamp & gasket

Clamp and gasket for sale

Application: ADL E200, E400H, NRM, Streetlite

OE Kit no: 1997442

Parts: 2 x Clamps  & 2 x Gaskets

Price (exc Carriage): £63.00

Price if Included with a Clean: £45.00

VOLFIX02 clamp & gasket

Clamps for sale

Application: B11R

OE Kit no: 21775798

Parts: 1 x DPF Clamp & 2 x DPF Gaskets & 1 x Inlet Pipe Clamp

Price (exc Carriage): £154.50

Price if Included with a Clean: £120.00

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About Excalibre Technologies

Founded in 2007 (a year before the introduction of LEZ), Excalibre Technologies was born with the intention of offering high quality commercial vehicle emission control products and services at a competitive price with customer service at the heart of our operation. Since then Excalibre has grown to become a leading supplier of retrofit solutions and DPF cleaning services in the UK.

We work with several national organisations to help achieve their ecological targets of lowering emissions and ensuring their vehicles are maintained to a high standard using internationally recognised practises and equipment supported by OEMs. We can also supply most aftermarket silencers and catalytic converters.

If we can help you with your emission control requirements, please contact Excaibre Technologies on 01594 887414 or sales@excalibretech.com.

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