How is the Low Emissions Zone enforced?

How is the Low Emissions Zone enforced? Today we took to the road with Proventia to attend the Transport for London Coach Operator event in Palestra (Blackfriers, London).

During the event we had the pleasure of attending an information session ran by TfL’s Transport Strategy and Planning Manager, Lucy Hayward-Speight which discussed plan of the Ultra Low Emissions Zone and the security behind the enforcement process.

How is the Low Emissions Zone enforced and is the data safe?

  1. Vehicle enters zone and VRM is recorded by camera.
  2. VRM is checked against database of compliant, paid, exempt or 100% discounted vehicles.
  3. If VRM is matched with data, the image is deleted automatically.
  4. If no payment received and the vehicle isn’t exempt then a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) is issued using the vehicle owners details, provided by the DVLA.

Click here to check whether your vehicle meets London’s current low emissions standards 

Changes to LEZ Standards from 26 October 2020:

•  Euro VI for buses and coaches over 5 tonnes – this is the same as the ULEZ standard (these vehicles will no longer need to pay a separate ULEZ charge)

•  Euro 3 for PM for larger vans and minibuses – this is the same as the current LEZ standard.

•  An expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone is expected in 2021.



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