Euro 4 & 5 SCR Silencer Catalyst Cleaning

AdBlue™ contaminated SCR Silencers

SCR silencers can become blocked with Adblue™ deposits due to poor nozzle atomisation or other dosing related issues. This is turn causes high exhaust back pressure and loss of performance.

Depending on the level of AdBlue™ build up Excalibre can effectively remove this through a controlled  chemical washing process and restore the function of the silencer.

SCR Silencer Refurbishment

Where it is not possible to remove the contamination, or where the catalyst has been damaged beyond repair then the silencer can be refurbished by replacing the SCR catalysts.

Arrange a Euro 4 & 5 SCR Silencer Catalyst Cleaning

Please contact us with your vehicle details to book your catalyst cleaning  – 01594 887414 or complete the contact form. Typical turnaround time is 2 days and shipping is again via courier.

Aftermarket Silencers

Excalibre specialize in aftermarket silencers for Euro 4 & 5 vehicles. We supply a growing range of silencers for truck and bus applications and also manufacture custom designs in house.

Emissions Control

In partnership with Synergy Catalyst and Performance Industries we supply catalytic convertors for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications. We also supply SCR catalyst and DPF’s.