Catalytic Convertors

Excalibre offer a wide range of catalytic convertors for industrial and automotive applications. We can supply just the catalyst element or a finished design including cones and flanges to your requirements. We supply catalytic convertors to a variety of markets and applications...

Industrial Engines

• Biogas engine emission control including formaldehyde, CO and NOx
• Convertors for natural gas engines, lean burn and Stoichiometric
• CO, HC and NOx reduction from Diesel generators sets
• Systems to meet TA Luft legislation
• Fully brazed in diameters up to 1200mm

Process Industries

• Customised convertors for emission reduction in process industries
• Substrate design to suit existing installations. Round or rectangular parts
• Custom catalytic coatings to suit each application


• Catalytic convertors for commercial vehicle emission reduction systems
• DOC's for particular filter systems

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Aftermarket Silencers

Excalibre specialize in aftermarket silencers for Euro 4 & 5 vehicles. We supply a growing range of silencers for truck and bus applications and also manufacture custom designs in house.

Emissions Control

In partnership with Synergy Catalyst and Performance Industries we supply catalytic convertors for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications. We also supply SCR catalyst and DPF’s.